Riyad Alsalheen

Riyad Alsalheen

The book 'Riyadh Alsalheen' (garden of devotees) is a very useful book. Allah made people to accept it, scholars and common people, all of them benefit from it due to its distinguished style of chapters and the way they are arranged and due to the good selection of Hadith.

This mobile application presents the content of this book in a very nice format.


  1. Original Arabic and English translation for 1896 hadith.
  2. Using different colors to mark the words or Allah (SWT), the Prophet (PBUH), and the narrator.
  3. Different text sizes from tiny to huge to make your reading experience more comfortable.
  4. Works on devices running Android 2.1 and higher, looks very good on the latest android tablets.
  5. Search to quickly find a hadith you're looking for.
  6. Bookmark your favorite hadith to quickly find them later.
  7. Share Hadith via your favorite app like facebook, twitter, email, sms, ....

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